I’m not always on Pinterest, but I have friends who love to pin and sometimes email me pins. Last week I got enough emails to make me say “Fine! I’ll download the app again!” My sister sent me 2 pins of Julie Andrews recently, and it kind of set me off into pinning mode. I got so inspired, I’m sure all of my followers were tired of seeing my pins! 😉 We all have our own inspirations, and I have many. I think that’s part of what I realized as I was pinning last week…there are so many neat … Continue Reading »»


I had the chance to see several great movies this year, and I thought I’d write out my top 5, for one of those “end of the year” posts everyone’s doing. 😉 Note: I haven’t seen all the movies from this year that I want to, so this list is just a list of favorites from those I DID see. I’ve got some places saved for other potentially great films. 😉 1. Jurassic Park  OH YES, I am counting this one! It counts because I saw it in 3-D this year. Although I do realize it’s not really fair to … Continue Reading »»