I’m not always on Pinterest, but I have friends who love to pin and sometimes email me pins. Last week I got enough emails to make me say “Fine! I’ll download the app again!” My sister sent me 2 pins of Julie Andrews recently, and it kind of set me off into pinning mode. I got so inspired, I’m sure all of my followers were tired of seeing my pins! 😉 We all have our own inspirations, and I have many. I think that’s part of what I realized as I was pinning last week…there are so many neat … Continue Reading »»


I had the chance to see several great movies this year, and I thought I’d write out my top 5, for one of those “end of the year” posts everyone’s doing. 😉 Note: I haven’t seen all the movies from this year that I want to, so this list is just a list of favorites from those I DID see. I’ve got some places saved for other potentially great films. 😉 1. Jurassic Park  OH YES, I am counting this one! It counts because I saw it in 3-D this year. Although I do realize it’s not really fair to … Continue Reading »»


Let’s be honest here…you people have been on the edge of your seat, waiting with bated breath, to hear from me. I just know it. Well, it’s been a long last few weeks! I’ll just list some of the happenings here. I was busy with stuff We went on a sort of sudden roadtrip We had fun on said roadtrip Then I got sick I got better My personal photographer was swamped with work Finally we took photos Now I’m blogging a few Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans, and we just have to be ok with … Continue Reading »»


There’s a reason why half of the word “attitude” is in the word “gratitude”! Ok, never mind, I won’t start this post off on a cheesy note… 😉 To continue: Humility. It’s the beautiful root from which gratitude is grown. Humility comes from understanding that all we have is from God. Humility. Gratitude. You can’t separate the two. Thanksgiving day was just last week, and it seems like recently I’ve been thrown opportunities to practice all that thankfulness in my own personal life.  By no means do I say this with a negative attitude. Nope, I’m saying it with a … Continue Reading »»


“Hey, Micaiah, what should I blog about?” “Um, I don’t know… what have you been thinking about and being inspired by recently?” “IRON MAN, DUH.” “UGH, stop with that! But ok, post about Iron Man and how you’ve watched the 3rd movie too much.” “Nope, can’t. That wouldn’t really fit on my blog, unfortunately. …Come on, whaaaaaaaaat.” “You’re a foodie. Post about food.” “I post about food enough.” “Ok.” “I can blog about how I have to go so I don’t have time to write this.” “Yeah, that’d be funny!” “I’m joking. I don’t want to be rude, or anything.” … Continue Reading »»


Actually, this post has nothing to do with cookies, I was just eating one and felt like naming this post in honor of said cookie’s deliciousness. (It was chocolate chip, people)   To continue: I wanted to show you all my color scheme for my website’s winter 2013 collection! The collection features 8 items of clothing, and I’m very excited for you guys to see them. I’ve been having a blast creating these looks, and putting them together. Fun story: one of the blouses I’m in the process of making for this winter collection, is somewhat based on a pattern … Continue Reading »»


Hi there! I’m just popping in to announce to the peoples that you can officially call me an entrepreneur! (*derp voice* That’s a big word.) Anyway, I’ve started a sewing business that I am very excited about, and so happy to be able to tell the world about it now. It’s been a work in progress for quite some time, and if anyone has been wondering what I’ve been doing since I finished school this year, no, I have not just been sitting on the couch drinking coffee and watching movies (although that was a part of it). I’ve actually … Continue Reading »»