I’m not always on Pinterest, but I have friends who love to pin and sometimes email me pins. Last week I got enough emails to make me say “Fine! I’ll download the app again!” My sister sent me 2 pins of Julie Andrews recently, and it kind of set me off into pinning mode. I got so inspired, I’m sure all of my followers were tired of seeing my pins! 😉

We all have our own inspirations, and I have many. I think that’s part of what I realized as I was pinning last week…there are so many neat people in the world to be inspired by! (Donna from “Doctor Who” counts, too, right? I’ll answer that question for you: YES.) But if we’re talking about my top top inspirations, Julie Andrews is right there in front. I can’t promote everything she’s ever said or done of course, but as an icon in the culture, she’s just classy and I love that about her.


She’s played in some of my very favorite movies, and sung most of my favorite musicals. I have a renewed love for her after watching “Saving Mr. Banks” and then re-watching “Mary Poppins”, both of which I adore.


It took me getting past my pre-teen years to actually enjoy “The Sound of Music.” When everyone you meet mentions either that or “West Side Story”, it can get embarrassing to an 11 year old. But I learned to embrace the connection and now I LOVE IT and use it myself. Ha! “The Sound of Music” is one of my very favorite movies of all time.

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And while I enjoy the more famous, Audrey Hepburn version of “My Fair Lady,” the best, in my opinion, is the stage version with Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison. I’m not sure if there’s a recording of the show (if there is, it’s not easily accessible), but the album is fantastic! I would have loved to see the show, because I have no doubt it was wonderful!



I’ve been enjoying delving into the fashion of the 50’s. Seeing the different decades of fashion, their transitions, differences and similarities is so interesting to me!



And lastly, who doesn’t love Princess Diaries? 🙂

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