I had the chance to see several great movies this year, and I thought I’d write out my top 5, for one of those “end of the year” posts everyone’s doing. 😉

Note: I haven’t seen all the movies from this year that I want to, so this list is just a list of favorites from those I DID see. I’ve got some places saved for other potentially great films. 😉

wallpaper_of_movie_poster_very_popilar_film__Jurassic_Park1. Jurassic Park 

OH YES, I am counting this one! It counts because I saw it in 3-D this year. Although I do realize it’s not really fair to the other movies, I could not leave it out of my list. I could go into a thousand details of how much I love Steven Spielberg’s work and how amazing the combination of his work with that of John Williams’ is, but I’m trying to make this post short and sweet. So to sum it up, I LOVE THE ADVENTURE THAT IS JURASSIC PARK. P.S. The theme of family in this movie is sweet, and one I so wish I saw more of in movies these days.


iron_man_3_movie-wide2. Iron Man 3

The Iron Man movies are ones I could probably watch every week and not get tired of. This 3rd installment in the series just might be the best, in my opinion. I watched it twice in less than a week when it came out on DVD. It’s entertaining all the way through, has a great storyline, screenplay and characters, amazing score (one of THE BEST this year), and is such a satisfying film.


the-hobbit-the-desolation-of-smaug-banner-23. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

I’m hard to satisfy when it comes to sequels. I tried really hard to not get my hopes up for this one, so naturally it was way better than I expected! I very much enjoyed the first movie, and with that said, I might’ve enjoyed the second one even better. They did an excellent job bringing in the new characters and developing them. The 10 year old fangirl in me was flipping out to see Legolas onscreen! The day after I saw it, I was ready to go again, and that doesn’t always happen! Also, there was never anyone other than Martin Freeman to play Bilbo, and that’s just the truth.


Thor2-Poster_1280x1024-14. Thor 2: The Dark World

Although the first Thor movie is still my favorite, I did enjoy the second one. The transition of worlds, from earth to Asgard was well done, as was the screenplay. The character of Darcy was hilarious–she added so much to the film, and had everyone laughing a LOT. The costumes were superb, the acting excellent, (may I say, Natalie Portman has improved much since her early days!), the action fun, but the biggest hit about the movie, to me, was the score. So good. It’s been on my running playlist since the day it was released, and hasn’t left since. It truly shines bright throughout the entire film. The end credits scene though? I have no idea.


gravity-2013-movie-poster-wallpaper-2560x16005. Gravity

This one was on everyone’s “top movies of 2013”, right? It does deserve it, though! It was excellently made, and really made the viewer think about life and its value… And, I just gotta say, Sandra Bullock is just my favorite. Movies that take place in space aren’t really my thing, but I’ve most definitely seen my share of them, and can say that “Gravity” is a great one. I came out of the theater thinking, “I LOVE EARTH. I LOVE EARTH SO MUCH.”

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