There’s a reason why half of the word “attitude” is in the word “gratitude”! Ok, never mind, I won’t start this post off on a cheesy note… 😉

To continue:

Humility. It’s the beautiful root from which gratitude is grown. Humility comes from understanding that all we have is from God.



You can’t separate the two.

Thanksgiving day was just last week, and it seems like recently I’ve been thrown opportunities to practice all that thankfulness in my own personal life.  By no means do I say this with a negative attitude. Nope, I’m saying it with a “I’ve been really blessed and I’m very happy for that fact, because not everyone is so blessed and therefore, I need to shut up about the tiny things I’m going through that are only semi-challenging” attitude.

Seriously. A kick in the face every 10 minutes might help me remember this. Are humans so weak, we forget such important lessons so quickly? (Yes, duh, obviously. Sad.) I get so busy with life. Life is so…real…our senses are so alive, that it’s easy to get caught up in them, forget the reality that life is short, and in doing so, lose the gratitude we should have for the fact that we are even alive. Truly, the subject that’s been on my mind the most lately, is just that–gratitude for life, and for believers, also our life in Christ. I’ve been deeply impacted by a few things this week and last, some personal, others less so. But the main thing I’ve been constantly drawn back to, and continually convicted that I need, is just simply that spirit of gratitude, because there is SO MUCH we have to be grateful for.

So I guess the point I’m trying to make is this: let’s be thankful for lives. Spiritual and physical. For every bit of spiritual growth, for every one of the breaths God has given us, our hearts should be lifting up grateful praise. Each breath, each moment, each life is a gift. Please, let’s remember that. (REMEMBER IT, SELF)

winter+maria 025Photo cred: Hannah, Photo setter-upper cred: Moi 😉

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