Actually, this post has nothing to do with cookies, I was just eating one and felt like naming this post in honor of said cookie’s deliciousness. (It was chocolate chip, people)


To continue: I wanted to show you all my color scheme for my website’s winter 2013 collection! The collection features 8 items of clothing, and I’m very excited for you guys to see them. I’ve been having a blast creating these looks, and putting them together.

Fun story: one of the blouses I’m in the process of making for this winter collection, is somewhat based on a pattern my mom had used to make when she was my own age. As I was cutting it out, I asked her if she had ever used the pattern and she told me she had, when she was a senior in high school, for her all night party at Knott’s Berry Farm. (Californian’s, at least, will know what Knott’s Berry Farm is. They’re cool. They make great jam, too.) I asked her what color she made the blouse in, and she told me she made it with maroon fabric. Turns out, that was the exact color I had picked out for the same blouse. WOOOOW. You know they say, great minds do think alike, and we most definitely have great minds!

So, without further ado (sidetracking), here are most of the fabrics I’ve been working with for the winter 2013 collection! Make sure you check back in the next few weeks for the finished collection!

mariafabric 003(1)mariafabric 010(1)mariafabric 008


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