I’m not always on Pinterest, but I have friends who love to pin and sometimes email me pins. Last week I got enough emails to make me say “Fine! I’ll download the app again!” My sister sent me 2 pins of Julie Andrews recently, and it kind of set me off into pinning mode. I got so inspired, I’m sure all of my followers were tired of seeing my pins! 😉

We all have our own inspirations, and I have many. I think that’s part of what I realized as I was pinning last week…there are so many neat people in the world to be inspired by! (Donna from “Doctor Who” counts, too, right? I’ll answer that question for you: YES.) But if we’re talking about my top top inspirations, Julie Andrews is right there in front. I can’t promote everything she’s ever said or done of course, but as an icon in the culture, she’s just classy and I love that about her.


She’s played in some of my very favorite movies, and sung most of my favorite musicals. I have a renewed love for her after watching “Saving Mr. Banks” and then re-watching “Mary Poppins”, both of which I adore.


It took me getting past my pre-teen years to actually enjoy “The Sound of Music.” When everyone you meet mentions either that or “West Side Story”, it can get embarrassing to an 11 year old. But I learned to embrace the connection and now I LOVE IT and use it myself. Ha! “The Sound of Music” is one of my very favorite movies of all time.

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And while I enjoy the more famous, Audrey Hepburn version of “My Fair Lady,” the best, in my opinion, is the stage version with Julie Andrews and Rex Harrison. I’m not sure if there’s a recording of the show (if there is, it’s not easily accessible), but the album is fantastic! I would have loved to see the show, because I have no doubt it was wonderful!



I’ve been enjoying delving into the fashion of the 50’s. Seeing the different decades of fashion, their transitions, differences and similarities is so interesting to me!



And lastly, who doesn’t love Princess Diaries? 🙂


I had the chance to see several great movies this year, and I thought I’d write out my top 5, for one of those “end of the year” posts everyone’s doing. 😉

Note: I haven’t seen all the movies from this year that I want to, so this list is just a list of favorites from those I DID see. I’ve got some places saved for other potentially great films. 😉

wallpaper_of_movie_poster_very_popilar_film__Jurassic_Park1. Jurassic Park 

OH YES, I am counting this one! It counts because I saw it in 3-D this year. Although I do realize it’s not really fair to the other movies, I could not leave it out of my list. I could go into a thousand details of how much I love Steven Spielberg’s work and how amazing the combination of his work with that of John Williams’ is, but I’m trying to make this post short and sweet. So to sum it up, I LOVE THE ADVENTURE THAT IS JURASSIC PARK. P.S. The theme of family in this movie is sweet, and one I so wish I saw more of in movies these days.


iron_man_3_movie-wide2. Iron Man 3

The Iron Man movies are ones I could probably watch every week and not get tired of. This 3rd installment in the series just might be the best, in my opinion. I watched it twice in less than a week when it came out on DVD. It’s entertaining all the way through, has a great storyline, screenplay and characters, amazing score (one of THE BEST this year), and is such a satisfying film.


the-hobbit-the-desolation-of-smaug-banner-23. The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug

I’m hard to satisfy when it comes to sequels. I tried really hard to not get my hopes up for this one, so naturally it was way better than I expected! I very much enjoyed the first movie, and with that said, I might’ve enjoyed the second one even better. They did an excellent job bringing in the new characters and developing them. The 10 year old fangirl in me was flipping out to see Legolas onscreen! The day after I saw it, I was ready to go again, and that doesn’t always happen! Also, there was never anyone other than Martin Freeman to play Bilbo, and that’s just the truth.


Thor2-Poster_1280x1024-14. Thor 2: The Dark World

Although the first Thor movie is still my favorite, I did enjoy the second one. The transition of worlds, from earth to Asgard was well done, as was the screenplay. The character of Darcy was hilarious–she added so much to the film, and had everyone laughing a LOT. The costumes were superb, the acting excellent, (may I say, Natalie Portman has improved much since her early days!), the action fun, but the biggest hit about the movie, to me, was the score. So good. It’s been on my running playlist since the day it was released, and hasn’t left since. It truly shines bright throughout the entire film. The end credits scene though? I have no idea.


gravity-2013-movie-poster-wallpaper-2560x16005. Gravity

This one was on everyone’s “top movies of 2013”, right? It does deserve it, though! It was excellently made, and really made the viewer think about life and its value… And, I just gotta say, Sandra Bullock is just my favorite. Movies that take place in space aren’t really my thing, but I’ve most definitely seen my share of them, and can say that “Gravity” is a great one. I came out of the theater thinking, “I LOVE EARTH. I LOVE EARTH SO MUCH.”


Let’s be honest here…you people have been on the edge of your seat, waiting with bated breath, to hear from me. I just know it. Well, it’s been a long last few weeks! I’ll just list some of the happenings here.

  1. I was busy with stuff
  2. We went on a sort of sudden roadtrip
  3. We had fun on said roadtrip
  4. Then I got sick
  5. I got better
  6. My personal photographer was swamped with work
  7. Finally we took photos
  8. Now I’m blogging a few

Sometimes life gets in the way of our plans, and we just have to be ok with that! All this to say, my next collection is coming out about a month later than I’d like it to. But that’s just how it is. I’m excited for you to see it!

For those who are wondering, collections are simply a group of clothes I’ve made. The point is to show a bit of what I like to do, and also to have some fun at the same time. I can’t wait to release this latest collection for you all to see. It’ll be up…. well…sometime.

I’ll end with a Megamind quote:

“Let’s just have fun with this, come on. And I will get back to you!”




There’s a reason why half of the word “attitude” is in the word “gratitude”! Ok, never mind, I won’t start this post off on a cheesy note… 😉

To continue:

Humility. It’s the beautiful root from which gratitude is grown. Humility comes from understanding that all we have is from God.



You can’t separate the two.

Thanksgiving day was just last week, and it seems like recently I’ve been thrown opportunities to practice all that thankfulness in my own personal life.  By no means do I say this with a negative attitude. Nope, I’m saying it with a “I’ve been really blessed and I’m very happy for that fact, because not everyone is so blessed and therefore, I need to shut up about the tiny things I’m going through that are only semi-challenging” attitude.

Seriously. A kick in the face every 10 minutes might help me remember this. Are humans so weak, we forget such important lessons so quickly? (Yes, duh, obviously. Sad.) I get so busy with life. Life is so…real…our senses are so alive, that it’s easy to get caught up in them, forget the reality that life is short, and in doing so, lose the gratitude we should have for the fact that we are even alive. Truly, the subject that’s been on my mind the most lately, is just that–gratitude for life, and for believers, also our life in Christ. I’ve been deeply impacted by a few things this week and last, some personal, others less so. But the main thing I’ve been constantly drawn back to, and continually convicted that I need, is just simply that spirit of gratitude, because there is SO MUCH we have to be grateful for.

So I guess the point I’m trying to make is this: let’s be thankful for lives. Spiritual and physical. For every bit of spiritual growth, for every one of the breaths God has given us, our hearts should be lifting up grateful praise. Each breath, each moment, each life is a gift. Please, let’s remember that. (REMEMBER IT, SELF)

winter+maria 025Photo cred: Hannah, Photo setter-upper cred: Moi 😉


“Hey, Micaiah, what should I blog about?”

“Um, I don’t know… what have you been thinking about and being inspired by recently?”


“UGH, stop with that! But ok, post about Iron Man and how you’ve watched the 3rd movie too much.”

“Nope, can’t. That wouldn’t really fit on my blog, unfortunately. …Come on, whaaaaaaaaat.”

“You’re a foodie. Post about food.”

“I post about food enough.”


“I can blog about how I have to go so I don’t have time to write this.”

“Yeah, that’d be funny!”

“I’m joking. I don’t want to be rude, or anything.”

“Blog fun things. Popcorn! Fun! ME! One of my poems! Something you’re inspired by! I can write your post! We can do the Cyrano and Christian! Chocolate! Something!”

“Ok, go, go! I know what to blog now. You can read it when I’m done. Thanks, M.”

mariablog 012_1photo cred: hannah beasley


Actually, this post has nothing to do with cookies, I was just eating one and felt like naming this post in honor of said cookie’s deliciousness. (It was chocolate chip, people)


To continue: I wanted to show you all my color scheme for my website’s winter 2013 collection! The collection features 8 items of clothing, and I’m very excited for you guys to see them. I’ve been having a blast creating these looks, and putting them together.

Fun story: one of the blouses I’m in the process of making for this winter collection, is somewhat based on a pattern my mom had used to make when she was my own age. As I was cutting it out, I asked her if she had ever used the pattern and she told me she had, when she was a senior in high school, for her all night party at Knott’s Berry Farm. (Californian’s, at least, will know what Knott’s Berry Farm is. They’re cool. They make great jam, too.) I asked her what color she made the blouse in, and she told me she made it with maroon fabric. Turns out, that was the exact color I had picked out for the same blouse. WOOOOW. You know they say, great minds do think alike, and we most definitely have great minds!

So, without further ado (sidetracking), here are most of the fabrics I’ve been working with for the winter 2013 collection! Make sure you check back in the next few weeks for the finished collection!

mariafabric 003(1)mariafabric 010(1)mariafabric 008



Hi there! I’m just popping in to announce to the peoples that you can officially call me an entrepreneur! (*derp voice* That’s a big word.) Anyway, I’ve started a sewing business that I am very excited about, and so happy to be able to tell the world about it now. It’s been a work in progress for quite some time, and if anyone has been wondering what I’ve been doing since I finished school this year, no, I have not just been sitting on the couch drinking coffee and watching movies (although that was a part of it). I’ve actually been working hard to put this thing together and make it a pleasing experience for everyone!

I learned to sew when I was seven, and once I finally developed an enjoyment for the process, I began wanting to be able to use that skill to help others and make a way for myself in life. So I brainstormed with my sister (although that’s not to imply that I need her to brainstorm. Tee hee.), and we came up with the idea of creating a very personal small business where I could provide custom clothing for people.  The website currently features the 2013 Fall collection, which is a collection of eight different garments, four of which are available for purchase, and all can be custom-reproduced and ordered if desired. I am currently working on my 2013 Winter collection, which is due to come out sometime in the next few weeks.

What is important to me is the unique nature of custom clothing – every piece is special, every client is important. Let’s just have fun with this!

Check out my website here (which was designed, along with the rest of my brand, by yes, if I have to say it, my amazingly talented sister Hannah. I LOVE IT.), and like me on Facebook, if ya please!